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I Wish He’d Taught Me How to Shave – Dr. Dave Landers


I Wish He’d taught Me How to Shave is the culmination of Dr. Dave Landers’ many years work as a teacher and counselor of young men and women. The book is a compilation of Landers’ reflections and students’ essays from his course in gender studies, Men and Masculinities, at Vermont’s Saint Michael’s College. As part of that course, Landers has had all of his students write an essay, “How My Father Influenced My View of What A Man Is.” Chapters include essays and stories of fathers and tears, distant fathers, fathers of LGBTQ kids, fathers and alcohol, the Man of the House, wonderful fathers and fathers like no other. These essays and Landers’ reflections demonstrate and share the power of a father’s influence on his children’s lives.


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SONY DSCBorn and raised in Auburn, New York, Landers received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Alma College in Michigan and first taught English in Pontiac, Michigan. He then worked as a high school guidance counselor (during the time when the KKK blew up school buses in Pontiac) while achieving an MA in Guidance and Counseling at Michigan State University. Landers continued working full-time in Pontiac while pursuing a Ph.D. at Wayne State University in Detroit. Saint Michael’s College hired him as a Career Development Counselor and seven weeks later he was promoted to the Director of the Student Resource Center, which provided all of the career and personal counseling to the College.  He has been teaching Men and Masculinities at Saint Michael’s College for several years and his fully enrolled classes have a two-year waiting list.

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